Open drawing session on the Third (or sometimes Fourth) Thursday of the month led by illustrators Rachal Duggan, Lauren Lauter and Tommy Washbush. Sign up and bring a couple of small items that we will use to create unique still life composites to sketch during the session! FREE (donations appreciated)

Participants should bring paper/sketchbook/drawing utensils.

Rachal Duggan

Rachal Duggan, AKA RADillustrates, is an illustrator who specializes in portraits, pop culture and people watching. Her illustrations have been in NYLON magazine, the Chicago Reader, Pitchfork Review, Tone Madison and Our Lives magazine. Rachal shares her daily doodles on her Instagram and showcases her locally as well as nationally.

Lauren Lauter

Lauren Lauter is an educator, painter, amateur comic book artist and PhD student living in Madison, WI. She combines visual storytelling with historical archival work in order to create vulnerable portrait narratives, hopefully connecting to a viewer's sense of empathy, curiosity and humor.

Tommy Washbush

Tommy Washbush is an illustrator and graphic designer born, raised and currently living in Madison, WI. He has worked in the art department at Madison's weekly newspaper, Isthmus, for nine straight years, and spends his free time drawing rude cartoons on Instagram (@washbeast).

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